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Sealchem was established in 2000 and is becoming a leader in chemical grouting, drilling and drilling fluids / chemicals. Experience in drilling and sealing date back since the 70’s. Successful contracts have been completed on all the major mining groups within South Africa and abroad.
We utilize chemical grouting agents to cementate / seal water fissures, methane sources
And consolidation of poor ground conditions.
We take great pride in delivering our services on time and doing the work safely and efficiently and within budget.
Sealchem is striving to be the best grouting company in the South African mining industry. In 2009 we started to manufacture some of our own chemicals which resulted in huge savings and increased profits.


Sealchem is striving to be the unrivaled leader in the chemical grouting service sector in the Southern African region and beyond.


To provide differentiated, high quality and cost efficient services to the mining groups.
To participate in the social and economic development of South Africa.
To improve the life of individuals by providing essential and basic needs to the community.


Promote Black Empowerment
Job Creation and skill transfer
Supporting the need for more effective service delivery.
Promoting service delivery and a healthy environment.