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Chemical Grouting is controlled grouting used for various mining obstacles.
These obstacles could be very costly for the mine in question, as they can cause hours of delay in production.


FSG A & B (Fast Set Grout)

It is a modified Magnesium oxychloride inorganic based grout. Bentonite can be added to modify the flow properties and to help sealing.

Main applications are for water sealing for shaft operations, mining operations and ring covers; pre- cementation and sealing of gas leaks.

Poly Seal

Is a unique water activated urethane resin and is the most versatile of all grouts. It is the only chemical grout which sets on contact with water. No other grout chemical does this. Upon setting Polygrout also expands 3 times its volume.

Polygrout sets to an extremely hard rubber like consistency. It is flexible enough to resist bumps but strong enough to consolidate loose formation.

Groutex sw

Latex is a natural polyisoprene Latex which is used to seal off water. Latex is a very penetrable chemical and can also be used to seal open leaks. The flexibility makes it a very suitable grout, especially in unstable conditions.

MSG (Medium Set Grout)

MSG is a fine cementitious powder add mixture for injection use in slurry form for plugging cracks, fissures and stabilizing coarse sands.



A natural occurring sodium montmorillinite used as a filter cake and viscosifier for drilling purposes. Very sufficient as a filler.

Blokseal 100

Dispersion of bitumen in a water phase containing emulsifiers. Modified by the addition of synthetic rubber latex emulsion and inert mineral fillers. Very sufficient for dam sealing.


Wilkit is a silicate resin for rock stabilization. It was developed to provide a resin which not only has strong adhesive properties, but also reacts in the presence of water and seals the fissures and fractures. Very efficient in broken formations.

Rock sealant (TSL)

TSL – Thin Sprayed Liner.

SPC Fill (Aerated cement) 

A highly thermally insulating concrete-based material used for internal, external construction & void filling (consolidation).